MAG HOTELS stands out in the Panoramic Capital as receptive for its values ​​of openness and hospitality, which is 360° present at in each of its properties.

MAG HOTELS offers exclusive and refined properties, where every comfort has been studied to respond to different needs, giving guests the pleasure of being enfolded in an atmosphere of both simple naturalness as well as affable friendliness. This excellence in Roman hospitality is also reflected in the great care and attention given to detail in the competence and the availability of the staff, the refinement and modern furniture design and the quality of services offered. The central and strategic positions in the very heart of the Eternal City, MAG HOTELS characterize their properties to ensure they merge, in a context rich in history and ancient culture, authenticity and elegance with contemporary style furnishings and the high quality delivered.

Unique Locations and exclusive designs for the different requirements of guests, all following its leading force to ensure the 'experience of living in Rome’ is comfortable and carefree and welcoming to its guests in a simple refined and intimate ambience and atmosphere.